Introducing F4386 Sea, a serene addition to the Dream Weaver collection, swatch #39. Its calm, relaxing appearance suits any home. This upholstery fabric boasts a diverse blend, drawing from a range of colors—leafy greens, soft sea blues, and creamy whites.

F4386 Sea effortlessly fits various home atmospheres. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend into different interior designs. From modern living rooms to cozy reading nooks, this fabric brings understated elegance.

The fabric’s colors converge beautifully, forming a mesmerizing tapestry. It weaves together strands of various hues, creating depth and richness. The combination of leafy greens, soft sea blues, and creamy whites adds a visual symphony to your space.

Visualize the serene embrace of a coastal retreat or a sunlit garden room. F4386 Sea brings those picturesque scenes into your home. This upholstery fabric tells a story of comfort and sophistication in every thread, transforming your space into a haven of relaxation and style.

100% Polyester

Width: 54″ – Cleaning Code: S

UFAC Rating Class 1 – California 117 Class 1

Railroaded: No

EXCEEDS 108,000 Double Rubs