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Leon’s Fabrics F4383 Cadet polyester upholstery fabric product specifications:

  • Categories: Upholstery and Drapery Fabrics
  • Color Family: Blue
  • Material: 100% Woven Polyester
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Width: 54 inches
  • Cleaning Code: X
  • Certifications: Class 1, California 117 Class 1, UFAC Class 1
  • Exceeds 95,000 Double Rubs

Introducing F4383 Cadet, a remarkable 100% woven polyester material proudly offered by Leon’s Fabrics, an upholstery fabric store. F4383 Cadet is the epitome of elegance and resilience, redefining the world of fabric with its exceptional qualities.

Crafted to perfection, the F4383 Cadet stands out as a versatile fabric suitable for a wide array of applications. Its strength and durability make it an excellent choice for upholstery, ensuring your furniture remains stylish and comfortable for years to come. But the F4383 Cadet doesn’t stop there; it’s equally at home in outdoor furniture projects, where it conquers the challenges of various environments with ease.

What sets F4383 Cadet apart is its commitment to quality. Leon’s Fabrics has carefully curated this woven polyester material to meet the highest standards in the industry. Its texture exudes sophistication, and the Cadet color scheme adds an aura of timeless charm to any space it graces.

Choosing F4383 Cadet from Leon’s Fabrics upholstery fabric store is a testament to your commitment to excellence. This fabric isn’t just a material; it’s a statement of style and endurance. Whether you’re designing interiors or crafting custom upholstery, the F4383 Cadet is your partner in elevating your projects to the next level. See the world of possibilities with this one-of-a-kind material – where quality and creativity converge seamlessly!

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