Thread 1LB Nylo Natural

16 oz. Spool

(T-70) Nylo Nylon Monocord


Introducing the 16 oz. Spool of (T-70) Nylo Nylon Monocord, the ideal thread for high-speed multi-directional sewing. Whether you’re working on furniture, automotive upholstery, luggage and bags, or footwear, this top-of-the-line thread is sure to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

One of the key features of this thread is its excellent UV resistance. This makes it the perfect choice for applications that are exposed to harsh conditions, such as outdoor furniture, convertible car tops, and backpacks. You can be sure that your finished product will stand up to the elements and look great for years to come.

Another standout feature of the (T-70) Nylo Nylon Monocord is its resistance to thread rotation. This means that it can be used in either left or right hand directions, making it compatible with a wide range of twine-needle machines. You’ll enjoy smooth and easy sewing, with no interruptions or frustrating snags.

In addition to its performance benefits, the (T-70) Nylo Nylon Monocord also offers high creep resistance. This reduces seam pucker around corners, ensuring that your finished product looks neat, clean, and professional. Whether you’re working on a complex automotive upholstery project or a simple cushion cover, you can be sure that your seams will be strong and smooth.

So if you’re looking for a top-quality thread that can handle all your high-speed multi-directional sewing needs, look no further than the (T-70) Nylo Nylon Monocord. With its excellent UV resistance, thread rotation resistance, and high creep resistance, this thread is sure to become a staple in your workshop or DIY toolkit. Get your 16 oz. spool today and start creating beautiful and durable projects in no time!

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